Today in the city La Habra 22.05.2018
I Had A Nose Job At 16. Eight Years Later, Am I Happy?

I can still remember to this day, standing outside my graphic-design class with my head down, trying to pretend I hadn’t seen a group of girls making fun of me. To be precise, they weren’t making fun...

Israel says first to use F-35 stealth fighter jets in combat

The Israeli military has used its newly acquired F-35 stealth fighters in combat, making it the world's first to do so, the air force commander said Tuesday. "The Adir aircraft are already operationa...

Why Trump is right to demand answers on the FBI 'informant' fracas

Did Barack Obama's FBI spy on the Trump campaign by placing a long-trusted source in position to develop contacts with Donald Trump's political advisers? Or did the FBI get information from a well-reg...

Three Hyper-Specific SEO Strategies For B2B Small Businesses

These strategies have the potential to turn your website into a lead generator to fuel the growth of your business.

Netflix, Hulu and Other Streaming Services Trounce Pay TV on Customer Satisfaction

This won’t come as a huge shock: Customers of streaming-video companies like Netflix and Hulu are far happier with their service overall than subscribers of traditional cable, satellite and telco TV o...

Star Wars character Lando Calrissian is pansexual, and I couldn't be happier - CNET

Commentary: When it comes to representation in a galaxy far, far away, it's good to know Lando sees beyond gender to fall in love the way I do.

Resistance Is Futile: Three Ways B2B Marketers Can Respond To The Hyper-Personalization Trend

Hyper-personalization taps into the deepest, most fundamental psychological trigger of all time: the self-interest of the individual.

PODCAST: Jason Trost "Managing Without Managers"

Jason Trost, founder and CEO of Smarkets. Winning at Workis the new podcast from Forbes that helps you bemore productive, happier, andget ahead at the office. Whether you're working at a startup or a...

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